NJ Marathon Training Weeks 2-4 Update

8 Jan

Who can still not believe that it is 2014 and 2013 is actually over?  It seems like the holidays flew by and were gone before I knew it.  BLC and I have been pretty busy since December 18 as we traveled to California to visit his family for the holidays.  We came back to NYC late Saturday December 28 and I went back to work on Monday December 30 – with a cold :(

My brothers came up to NYC and stayed with us for NYE which was great – but you can’t really get over a cold quickly when you are celebrating (and drinking) until the wee hours of the morning.

Needless to say, when I found out that my office was closed on Friday on account of winter storm Hercules (what a great storm name, right?!), I was super excited to lay around, take naps, and do nothing except marathon-watch Breaking Bad.

So that’s what BLC and I did – all weekend long.  With a boat expo thrown in on Saturday morning for good measure.  To be honest, it was amazing.  To be more honest, I have a to do list the length of a CVS receipt (have you ever noticed how long CVS receipts are??) and I got nothing accomplished AT ALL.  Unless, of course, you count episodes of Breaking Bad in which case I could cross off approximately 30 episodes.  Productive Netflix watching FTW.

I did go for a run in Central Park on Sunday while freezing rain turned the paths and roads into sheets of ice, but more on that later.


For now, let me give you a quick and dirty update on my marathon training.  While it has not been perfect, I have gotten all of my long runs in and felt pretty good during my 9 miler last week.  Plus, I got a lot of pretty winter running clothes for Christmas – I get some training points for that, don’t I?

Now, where did I leave off?


Three miles on December 18 were fine.  Until I went to turn around on the Williamsburg Bridge, slipped on ice and landed directly on my knee.  Luckily, I bruised pretty bad but there was no serious injury.

I got to run with BLC in Claremont on Saturday for my long run.  I absolutely love running through Claremont and all of the Claremont colleges.


It is beautiful and FLAT.  Flat runs are entirely underrated.  I ran 7 miles and ran the second 3.5 miles 3 minutes faster than the first half.


& BLC ran the whole thing with me!  Longest he has run since high school!  Good job, my love!  I rewarded myself with a coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.


I’m sure you will come to realize throughout my training recaps that I typically reward myself with coffee after any and all of my long runs.  I mean, I am going to get it anyway but I just pretend it is a “reward”.

I ran a hot 3 miles on Tuesday – 70 degrees at 5pm?


It was nice to run in shorts but my body was definitely not used to sweating this much in December.  I did some unmeasured intervals by sprinting for one block and then recovering for one block.


I was unable to get another run in until Sunday due to traveling and running around.

I woke up early on Sunday and BLC headed out for my long run in Brooklyn with me.  Spoiler alert – it rained the entire run.  Regardless, BLC ran with me for the first 4 miles then headed home.  I finished my last 4.5 on the track.


I absolutely love the track.  Have I said that before?  I don’t really remember.


I ended up running a total of 8.8 miles and felt pretty damn good.  My second half was faster than my first half again – yay for negative splits!  I felt pretty strong at the end of this run even if I was soaking wet.

Now this past week was not the best for me – I was sick on Monday, celebrated NYE on Tuesday, exhausted/sick on Thursday and not willing to run in the 7 inches of snow on Friday/Saturday.  Therefore, I only ran on Sunday.  I went to Central Park to run with TNT training group.  I did not want to get up that morning, believe me!

But I did.  It was starting to rain when we began out run (I ran with the 10 min mile pace group) but it slowly got worse and worse.  I hadn’t even looked at the forecast but apparently people were told not to leave their house because freezing rain was supposed to last throughout the day.   And freezing rain it was.  We started our run at a very nice pace but by mile 2 people could barely run up the hills and slid down the hills.  We had to lower our pace significantly and even then there were quite a few slips along the way.  Another runner with TNT actually fell and hurt herself so bad that the ambulance had to come and get her.
Craziest part – there were a TON of runners in Central Park.  We are a bunch of lunatics.
Anyway – we ended up getting 6.33 miles in before cutting our loses and heading home.  Oh yea, there was also that minor detail of having to walk down ice covered marble stairs to get our bags/jackets.


Yes, we resorted to shimmying down on our butts.  Whatever works.

That subway ride home was probably the coldest subway ride ever.  After I ice skated to the bodega around the corner from my apartment (told you, reward coffee always.  even in inclement weather), I took a scalding hot shower and laid around in BLC’s sweatpants all day long.

The end.  On to week 5!

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  1. Ja @Ja on the RUN January 9, 2014 at 10:38 am #

    I love the tracks too!!! :) Keep it up! :)
    Happy Running! :)
    Ja @Ja on the RUN recently posted…Ja on the RUN is…My Profile

    • Alex January 17, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

      Thanks! The track is the best!!

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