The Time the Track was Frozen

13 Dec

Yesterday I had every intention of going to the gym and doing some Yasso 800′s on the treadmill.  But when work requires some longer hours…ya just have to roll with the punches.

BLC had the bright idea to run to the track so I could do some speed work there – & due to my love of the track, I could not say no.

I started my trek home around 6ish and while I was waiting for the train, I got a glimpse of the temperature.

Can you see the temperature?  Yes, not terribly cold but below freezing…so there’s that.

But to the track we went.  Because if I started bailing on runs on the first week of marathon training – there would be a problem.

So I got home around 7ish and forced BLC into his running clothes and I bundled up and we headed out into the cold, dark night (dramatic much?) for my scheduled 4 mile speed work run.

We warmed up on our jog over to the track and when we got there I was totally ready for my track workout.  Excited, stoked, all of the above.

& guess what?


The track was frozen.

Yes.  The track was covered in ice and there was no plausible way I could run on it, let alone do speed work.

Luckily, there is a path around the track that was apparently salted and had patches of ice but nothing I couldn’t run around or leap over.  So the speed work still happened…it was just much less accurate and much less easy on my legs.  Frozen ground < rubberized track.

All smiles after the cold, yet wonderful impromptu quasi track workout.

If ya’ll are interested – my speed workout was not very specific.  I did not wear a watch and it was all by feel but I warmed up with my run over to the track – and then I ran an easy loop around the track.  After my first easy loop,  I sprinted for the second loop.  Then I repeated that 4 times.  Then our jog home was our cool down.  Easy peasy.

Winter running clothes:  Warm socks, fleece-lined tights, long-sleeved compression mock turtleneck, running jacket from Target with hood and fleece headband.  Very specific.  You.are.welcome.  You are also welcome for the awkward smile selfie.

Boom, boom, boom.  Another run bites the dust.

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  1. Sandy December 15, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    Your welcome Al !! I’m glad you like the book!! Love you!!

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