Little baby run & a Friday rant

27 Apr

So on Wednesday my training schedule had a 3 mile easy run at an 11:11 min/mi pace scheduled. Well…I went out for my run, started out too fast & had positive splits. In most cases, this is bad but I’m gonna chalk it up to a win because my last mile pace was wayyyy closer to goal pace than my first.

3.2 miles in 33:05 (10:33 min/mi pace avg)
Mile 1 – 9:56 (bad Alex)
Mile 2 – 10:24
Mile 3 – 10:43

All in all…it was a run. But it is hard to reel it in when you know you can push it faster. ‘Tis life.

Run Notables:

Running on cobblestone is not only terrible, it is dangerous! I ran over maybe .0001 mile of cobblestone and almost ate it 5 times. Boo for cobblestone! Has anyone ever run an actual race that had cobblestone on the course? Because I will avoid that race at all costs.

I saw a pig’s head being picked at by birds. That does not bother me as a vegetarian…that bothers me as a human being. Why the hell was there a pig’s head on the sidewalk in Brooklyn? Who decided…hmm I don’t really want this pig’s head…I’ll just throw it on the sidewalk? Strange & disgusting.

There was a plate full of dog food under a fence (I’ve actually seen this before the run but I thought it was worth noting…). I don’t know who is leaving it out & for what but I have never seen stray dogs running around Williamsburg. Costa rica, yes. Brooklyn, no. In all fairness, I haven’t really been looking though.

Pigeons are not too smart. On numerous occasions, I was running towards the pigeons & they would fly away…about 20 feet in front of me…then fly away again…about 20 feet further…

Finally, I saw a man pushing a stroller reach on the ground & pick up a dirty orange headband & PUT IT ON HIS BABY. Pretty sure that is not sanitary. Also, the headband was pretty ugly…so there’s that.

Okay, rant over ;) (ps I am on the train right now & had a full on list of train pet peeves in my head to write about but I think this post has had enough for the day!)

Anyyywho – I did a circuit workout yesterday. It was quick but I still got a little sweaty.

10 pushups
30 crunches (10 regular, 10 legs bent to left, 10 legs bent to right)
10 squats
10 pliƩ squats
20 lunges
30 second wall sit
1 min plank
Repeat 3x!

I have definitely been slacking on any type of strength or cross-training so this was totally necessary.

Other notables:


I have started drinking Emergen-c for joints because my knee has been giving me some grief. It doesn’t really hurt but it can be annoying…does that make sense? Plus, right after the NYC Half my knee was DEAD! The supplement contains Glucosamine HCI and Chondroitin Sulfate plus 1000 mg of Vitamin C. The flavor is tangerine but it is not all that tasty…i don’t mind it but BLC hates it. I’ll let ya know if I notice any difference. If anything, I’m glad to get the Vitamin C everyday.

Also, I have begun to start my day with an apple cider vinegar cocktail. There are a lot of benefits of ACV but to be completely honest I started drinking it because I read an article about Leven Rambin (Glimmer from the Hunger Games) & she said they would all drink 2 Tbs of ACV every day for their skin. She said she drank it, put it on her face…she called it a “cure-all”. So, you know me, if an actress does it…I totally should. Obviously, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research, yo.


But because drinking straight ACV sounds downright disgusting to me, I looked up some drink recipes so that I could get it down. The best one I found was with Apple juice…it honestly complements the ACV perfectly & you can barely taste it. I just put 2 TB of ACV in a glass, sprinkle in a little cayenne pepper & cinnamon (never really mixes in but what can ya do) and fill it with about 1 1/2 cups of Apple juice and top it off with some water. I can’t find the website I found the original recipe from but there are variations all over. Some add honey, some just dilute the ACV and add lemon, etc. Whether it works or not is still to be determined…

Lovely Links (because this post isn’t random enough…):

1. Body weight exercises for those on a budget. I know I always like to have some easy exercises to do in front of the TV & this website has a ton!

2. Cool virtual relay…has anyone signed up?

3. Yoga sequence…have I mentioned I signed up for a 30 day yoga challenge in May? Still time to sign up!!

4. Saw this on SR’s website & I thought it was really interesting –> Is running bad for your knees?

K, random post – dunzo!

Happy Friday!

3 Responses to “Little baby run & a Friday rant”

  1. Jamie @ couchtoironwoman April 30, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    Great job on your run! Don’t worry about positive splitting, it happens :)

    I love your random thoughts from your run! I agree, the pig head is pretty disturbing and it would upset me too!

    • alexjcant April 30, 2012 at 7:40 pm #

      Thanks! I know it happens…still a little frustrating.

      Ehhh just thinking of the pigs head gives me the willies!

      Btw – great job on the relay! I can’t wait till ours!!

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