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20 Apr

So a lot of things have been going on in my neck of the woods…one of those things has not been blogging.

Blogging is a lot like exercise/fitness for me. The longer you go without doing it, the harder it keeps getting to start it back up. But once you metaphorically pull off that bandaid – it’s not that hard anymore. Weird, huh? Coincidentally, I have also been putting off running/anything physical besides walking along with my blogging. Bad Alex!

But things changed on Wednesday when I officially started my training back up! I went to the gym and ran a 1.5 m warm-up at an 11:00 min/mi pace, 3 tempo miles at 9:35 min/mi & a .5 m cool down at 11:00 min/mi. It is wonderful how the first run in waaaay too long feels. Yippy.


I also took the time to use some advice from No Meat Athlete. He recommends running with a leg turnover rate of about 180 steps per minute in order to prevent injuries due to lessening the impact on your legs from shorter, lighter steps. If you want to read more about his philosophy behind this theory – visit his website. He has done A LOT of research and is very knowledgeable!

I started during my warm-up and counted how many times my feet landed on the ground in a minute. The first time I barely got to 150! I started to quicken my leg turnover and it felt very awkward…and I still could barely get to 170. Finally, I pushed my pace up to 9:35 min/mi and I started to get to about 175 ish easily. I think the key is to run at a tempo pace when you first try this! I also think doing this on the treadmill your first time to get a feel of how fast your legs should be moving is important because I was staring at the clock and counting in my head over and over again. Probably not a great idea while running outside where you should be watching where you are going & paying attention to your surroundings!

But after my 3 tempo miles, I started my cool down at the same pace as my warm-up…& I was getting to 180 steps per minute no problem! It definitely feels weird at first but I actually felt like I was exerting less effort than when I was running at my normal turnover rate! Overall, I am going to continue to work on this & I’ll keep you updated!


My face is as pink as my shirt. Eh. Just proof to the world that I was really running.

In other news, Monday was my one year anniversary with BLC! One year present giving is hard – paper? Really? Well, I failed royally and bought BLC a New York Times newspaper from April 16, 2012 for us to read next year. Lame…I know. But my man did wonderfully!

He told me to meet him outside of work on Monday afternoon and he came out with a packet of paper (<– good job) wrapped in a pink bow and ribbon. The packet included tickets to the Hunger Games in Union Square (yay!), a print out of the restaurant he had made reservations at (Pipa – a tapas place in Union Square) for after the movie & the sweetest note ever. Also, since BLC knows I get cranky when I am hungry we stopped and got a slice of pizza and a beer to cheers at 6:05p (our ceremony started at 6:00p on April 16, 2011…and was literally the shortest ceremony ever. 6:05p might be a stretch…it was probably more like 6:08p).

Movie was great (again), Pipa was tasty (so was the pizza) & I am looking forward to many, many, many more years to celebrate :) Happy One Year, BLC. I love you!

What anniversary year is running shoes? J/K…or am I?

Also, I just got my Foodie Penpal package! I won’t get into very much of it because the official reveal occurs on April 30th but I will say – she got me a magazine! & one that I don’t already have a subscription to! & one that I have been wanting to buy but let’s be honest, when you have subscriptions to 8 magazines with a pile of 20 unread magazines in your living room & then you spend $4 on another magazine…your husband will give you the stink eye. So, Foodie Penpal, thank you for the magazine! Um, btw did I mention that I am flying to Chicago tonight with BLC (my birthday present! It was April 1st…yep, I’m an April Fool’s baby) so guess what I will be reading on the plane?!

Okay…I had a lot of pent up blogging in me. Sorry I’m not sorry!

I will be MIA this weekend because I will likely be a little busy drinking my way around Chicago with my lovely bridesmaid AJ and BLC’s best man :) Wooo Hoooo!

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