27 Jan

So yesterday I was pretty busy & by the time I got to blogging, the Internet in my house was not working. Soo..


Wine & Parks and Recreation (easily my favorite TV show right now). Can’t complain :)

Rewind really quick to yesterday morning…

I planned on running before work. I had planned on having a half coffee/half almond milk & banana before I made my way to the gym…but there were no bananas left when I looked in the basket in the morning. Hmmm.. So my next logical thought was:


Girl scout cookies, obvi. I thought, some people eat peanut butter & banana on toast before a run…so why not a peanut butter cookie? It’s basically the same thing minus the banana, right? Well…not exactly but let me live in ignorance, please.

Any way, the cookie made for fabulous fuel & I felt so good on my run that I ran right through 4 miles (not by much but still…normally I am stopping IMMEDIATELY at the .00 mark)


Not my fastest but I ran the whole thing :)

I did all my stretches after and felt pretty good.

Fast forward to today –

I woke up to rain shaking my house. It was pouring! We have a little stream in our back yard but this morning it was flowing like a dang river!!



You can’t really tell but it was almost overflowing!

Any whoo, I decided to do an ab circuit along with some arm stuff before I went to the gym to do some cross-training.

I got all of the ab exercises from this website.

I did:

Bicycle crunch (3×20)
Vertical leg crunch (3×10)
Long arm crunch (3×10) <- holy burn!! These were really hard!
Reverse crunch (3×12)
Crunch with heel push (3×12)
Plank (3x30secs)


Row (50 reps)
Overhead tricep extension (3×10)
Lateral raises (3×10)
Bicep curls (50 reps)
Pushups (3×10)

Then I had a very tasty breakfast (I made it & put it in the fridge while I did my exercises) -


Chocolate protein overnight oats! Yum! It tasted like chocolate mousse. The secret ingredient was


Muscle milk. My brother’s favorite so I used a little this morning. I approve!

Then I headed the gym to cross-train on the bike (here is an article on why/how cross-training on the bike is great for runners – 5 ways cycling can make you a stronger runner)

When I got to the gym, I went to the locker room to put away my jacket. As I walked in, this older woman raced from the bathroom to the lockers acting like I was gonna steal her headphones. She looks at me and says, “these are MY headphones.” Um…okay.

I guess I kinda did look like a cat burglar today…


Black mizunos, black socks, black tights…I was pretty ninja like.

So I went on the bike for 45 minutes while reading my US Weekly & an old Self magazine.

*confession – I love cross-training solely because I get to read my magazines. I get about 7 different magazines every month so I always I have reading material for the boring old bike or elliptical.

*confession número dos – I have not updated my iPod since my first year of law school (about 5 years ago).


It’s always fun to use the Genius feature on my iPod because most of the songs are throwbacks from college. The good old days :) I think it is about time to update that sucker…

After my workout, I was pretty sweaty…


That means it was a good workout, right? I blame the bike seat.

When I got home I had a couple little snacks before my shower.


Dates stuffed with peanut butter sprinkled with sunflower seeds – totally tasty!!


& my mom is awesome & I found this sucker in the fridge! The new passion fruit chobani! The seeds inside were weird but after I got over that, it was pretty good! I would buy again, for sure.

I am heading out with my friend, Britt, for the night so gotta get ready! Hope everyone has a great night!!

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