30 Before 30 Bucket List

1 Apr

Looks like I made it back just in time for my birthday!  I know it has been some time since my last blog post – I’ve been busy – but I have been meaning to write this post for a long time.

If you didn’t already know, I am turning 29 today, and that obviously means that I have one year before the big 3-0.  Kinda crazy.


Truth be told, I have done a lot of amazing things in the past 29 years.  I’ve traveled all over the world.  I married the best man I’ve ever met.  I’ve lived by the beach.  I’ve lived in the city.  I’ve lived in the suburbs.  I’ve been to Vegas (numerous times).  I had a fabulous college experience.  I’ve watched the Macy’s Day Parade live.  I’ve become a dog owner.  I’ve run quite a few half marathons and other road races.  I’ve been a bridesmaid (& will be in two more by the end of the year).   I’ve road tripped across the country with my husband .  I’ve watched the sunset from Oia, Santorini, Greece.   The list could go on.

I have been very lucky and extremely blessed.

But there are quite a few things I would still like to accomplish prior to April 1, 2015.  Some of them are silly.  Some of them are serious.  But I truly think they can all be done, and completing them all would be a wonderful way to end my twenties.

So without further ado, my 30 before 30 list!


1.  Sign Freckles up for agility training or therapy dog training.

2. Drink around the world at Epcot with BLC.

3. Learn how to and properly eat a crawfish.

4. Go skydiving.

5. Run a marathon.

6. Eat the worm in a bottle of Mezcal.

7. Leave an absurdly large tip for an excellent waitress.

8. Conquer a 30 day yoga challenge.

9. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

10. Finish the first and second Spanish Rosetta Stone levels.

11. Pay for someone else’s meal.

12. Keep better track of my last year in my twenties (pictures, journal, etc.).

13. Learn to drive a manual car.

14. Host an entirely vegan 3 course dinner party.

15. Send thirty handwritten notes to thirty friends/family.

16. Identify and work toward a career that is fulfilling.

17. Learn to meditate.

18. Donate blood.

19. Read my dad’s favorite book:  Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

20. Master a handstand.

21. Cut out alcohol for thirty days.

22. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon.

23. Save enough for a down payment on a home.

24. Take a dance class with BLC.

25. Take a scotch/whiskey tasting class.

26. Go on a serious camping trip.

27. Try to blog more.

28. Run a trail race.

29. Make homemade pickles.

30. Host Beer Olympics and pretend we are in college again.

*& as a bonus (& considering it is already in the planning stages):

31. Celebrate my 30th birthday in Vegas with friends and family!

Do you have a bucket list?  Also, happy April Fool’s Day!

Faces of Fitness on Crazy Running Girl

30 Jan

I’m featured on one of my favorite blogs today – head over to Crazy Running Girl and check it out!


My feature!

Also, stay tuned for my NJ marathon training update and my first Yasso 800 workout!

NJ Marathon Training Week 5 and a Winner!

24 Jan

Last week was a pretty good running week for me – still not where I should be training-wise but it is HARD to balance work, commuting and training especially with the ridiculous weather we have been having.  I know – poor Alex.  I really need to figure out a way to wake up and run before work (when it is not blizzarding outside) but my snooze button is just too enticing…Any tips??

But anyway – on to my week:

Monday – Plank and core work
Tuesday – Easy 2 miles
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 4.75 speed work at the track
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 10.5 mile long run
Sunday – Rest

Monday through Wednesday were nothing special.

Thursday I did some speed work at the track which was fun.  I love speed work and I love the track.

2014-01-15 19.31.00
I ran to the track as my warm-up with a 10:15 min/mi pace.  Then I followed with 11 laps on and off between recovery jogs and sprints.

Lap 1 – 3:01 –> (10:20 min/mi pace)
Lap 2 – 2:20 –> (8:07 min/mi pace)
Lap 3 – 3:04 –> (10:48 min/mi pace)
Lap 4 – 2:22 –> (8:21 min/mi pace)
Lap 5 – 3:06 –> (11:02 min/mi pace)
Lap 6 – 2:12 –> (7:47 min/mi pace)
Lap 7 – 3:06 –> (11:02 min/mi pace)
Lap 8 – 2:08 –> (7:41 min/mi pace)
Lap 9 – 3:33 –> (12:14 min/mi pace) This was supposed to be my last lap but I decided to run two more.
Lap 10 – 2:25 –> (8:45 min/mi pace)
Lap 11 – 2:39 –> (9:39 min/mi pace)

I ran home for my cool down at about 11:30 min/mi pace.  It was a great workout.

Saturday was my long run.  I woke up, ate a banana with cookie butter and got dressed in my rain gear.

2014-01-18 10.57.26

I ran over the Williamsburg Bridge to the East River Path because I hadn’t run there in a while.  & it is probably one of my favorite places to run in NYC.

2014-01-18 08.45.22
It was pretty but it was drizzling from the start of my run.  That drizzle became downpour before too long.

2014-01-18 08.49.37
East River Path from the Williamsburg Bridge.

I ran down the East River Path to the Staten Island ferry before the downpour truly began so I took cover, ate some sports beans, put my hood on and ran back up the path.

2014-01-18 09.59.33
Somehow I managed to avoid every puddle until about mile 6 when I ran right through a little lake soaking my left shoe and sock.  It wasn’t long before my right foot was soaked as well.

Other than the rain – the run was pretty great.

2014-01-18 10.51.34
I listened to my FitRadio app during my whole run and it was perfect!  It is just a continuous stream of upbeat tunes.  It definitely made my run go by that much quicker.

I felt good throughout the entire run.  I started off pretty slow but my main goal was to finish strong and enjoy my run.  Mission accomplished!

And of course, I got a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee before jumping on the subway and heading home.

2014-01-18 12.11.35
Overall, it was a good running week for me!

And now – the moment you have all been waiting for! (If not, just humor me please!)….

The winner of the MyRaceRagz giveaway is:  Kathryn at Running Kat!

Kathryn – I will be shooting you an email with your MyRaceRagz code so be on the look out!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered!




Want to be funny while you’re running? Enter my very first giveaway! [Closed]

17 Jan


So right before Christmas I got the opportunity to order a customizable running shirt through MyRaceRagz.  I really had no idea what I wanted to put on the shirt so I spent two days just going through the website and looking at the possible designs.  There were a lot of options!

Since I am a big running fan and a big beer fan – I thought it would be fun to get one that incorporated the two.  Plus, I’m one of those people who bought every humorous/ironic t-shirt in college just because I thought they were good conversation starters.

So I decided on a white long sleeved tech shirt with a lopsided “I RUN FOR BEER” (you know, drunk people write lopsided, right?) on the front and my name in cursive on the back.

When I received it I was super happy with how it came out!  Unfortunately, I received it right before I went out to California for Christmas and I definitely couldn’t wear a long-sleeved shirt while running in 70 degree weather.

Obviously I was dying to wear it for a run as soon as I got back from California…but it was basically 0 degrees which required 45 layers and what’s the point in wearing a shirt with a cool saying if no one can see it?  Amiright?

Approximately 1 month after I received my awesome shirt – I finally got to wear it yesterday for some speed work at the track (AKA my favorite place in the world…or at least the five boroughs).

I made BLC take some pictures while I waited for my Garmin to find the freaking satellites!! and then I was off.

The shirt is made of tech material but is a bit thin so the white was a little see through – so if you wanted a more solid shirt, I would suggest choosing a different color.  For me, the fact that it was on the thinner side was great because I never felt like I was getting too hot during my run.  I think it is going to be absolutely perfect for Spring/Fall running and warmer Winter running!

At first I wasn’t really paying attention to other runners because I was really focusing on my intervals (which I will give you more details on in another post) but once I started noticing the subtle stares and chuckles, I realized that my beer shirt was a hit.  I think runners enjoy the “I run for (insert any alcohol)” joke quite a bit.

I’m also looking forward to wearing my shirt during a race so that people can see my name as I’m passing them ;)   Just kidding.  I don’t pass anyone.

So on that note – I have a special treat for one lucky winner!  Not only am I giving away a customizable shirt from MyRaceRagz - which you can choose whatever your little heart desires to put on it! – but I am also giving away some of my favorite running essentials!

In addition to a customized shirt from RaceRagz, the winner will receive a Nuun water bottle, two tubes of Nuun (Goji Berry Green Tea Natural and Tri-Berry), two packets of Jelly Belly Extreme Sports Beans, Sweat Pink shoelaces and a Shower Pill packet!

I figured since it was my first giveaway, I would go a little crazy!  I absolutely love Nuun and basically flavor all of my water (run or no run) with it.  As for the sports beans – they are my favorite mid-run fuel.  They are delicious, have caffeine and are easy for me to eat.  Plus, they are in a little packet that is re-sealable so if you want to eat half of them, you don’t have to worry about all of them falling out mid-run.  As for the Shower Pill – that was essential during the relay that BLC and I participated in about a year ago!  I have also used it after leaving the gym in the summer so that I am not getting on the subway and sitting next to someone all sweaty and smelly.

Overall, they are all things I love and couldn’t do without!  I hope you are as excited about them as I am about giving them to you!

So now to the details – the giveaway will stay open for one week – so you have until January 24th at 12AM to enter!  US Only! Lots of ways to enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Disclaimer:  I was provided the opportunity to create my own RaceRagz shirt at no cost as well as the opportunity to give away a customized RaceRagz shirt through my affiliation with Sweat Pink/Fit Approach.  The rest of the items being given away were purchased personally by me (and BLC ’cause we share a bank account) because I love them!


NJ Marathon Training Weeks 2-4 Update

8 Jan

Who can still not believe that it is 2014 and 2013 is actually over?  It seems like the holidays flew by and were gone before I knew it.  BLC and I have been pretty busy since December 18 as we traveled to California to visit his family for the holidays.  We came back to NYC late Saturday December 28 and I went back to work on Monday December 30 – with a cold :(

My brothers came up to NYC and stayed with us for NYE which was great – but you can’t really get over a cold quickly when you are celebrating (and drinking) until the wee hours of the morning.

Needless to say, when I found out that my office was closed on Friday on account of winter storm Hercules (what a great storm name, right?!), I was super excited to lay around, take naps, and do nothing except marathon-watch Breaking Bad.

So that’s what BLC and I did – all weekend long.  With a boat expo thrown in on Saturday morning for good measure.  To be honest, it was amazing.  To be more honest, I have a to do list the length of a CVS receipt (have you ever noticed how long CVS receipts are??) and I got nothing accomplished AT ALL.  Unless, of course, you count episodes of Breaking Bad in which case I could cross off approximately 30 episodes.  Productive Netflix watching FTW.

I did go for a run in Central Park on Sunday while freezing rain turned the paths and roads into sheets of ice, but more on that later.


For now, let me give you a quick and dirty update on my marathon training.  While it has not been perfect, I have gotten all of my long runs in and felt pretty good during my 9 miler last week.  Plus, I got a lot of pretty winter running clothes for Christmas – I get some training points for that, don’t I?

Now, where did I leave off?


Three miles on December 18 were fine.  Until I went to turn around on the Williamsburg Bridge, slipped on ice and landed directly on my knee.  Luckily, I bruised pretty bad but there was no serious injury.

I got to run with BLC in Claremont on Saturday for my long run.  I absolutely love running through Claremont and all of the Claremont colleges.


It is beautiful and FLAT.  Flat runs are entirely underrated.  I ran 7 miles and ran the second 3.5 miles 3 minutes faster than the first half.


& BLC ran the whole thing with me!  Longest he has run since high school!  Good job, my love!  I rewarded myself with a coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.


I’m sure you will come to realize throughout my training recaps that I typically reward myself with coffee after any and all of my long runs.  I mean, I am going to get it anyway but I just pretend it is a “reward”.

I ran a hot 3 miles on Tuesday – 70 degrees at 5pm?


It was nice to run in shorts but my body was definitely not used to sweating this much in December.  I did some unmeasured intervals by sprinting for one block and then recovering for one block.


I was unable to get another run in until Sunday due to traveling and running around.

I woke up early on Sunday and BLC headed out for my long run in Brooklyn with me.  Spoiler alert – it rained the entire run.  Regardless, BLC ran with me for the first 4 miles then headed home.  I finished my last 4.5 on the track.


I absolutely love the track.  Have I said that before?  I don’t really remember.


I ended up running a total of 8.8 miles and felt pretty damn good.  My second half was faster than my first half again – yay for negative splits!  I felt pretty strong at the end of this run even if I was soaking wet.

Now this past week was not the best for me – I was sick on Monday, celebrated NYE on Tuesday, exhausted/sick on Thursday and not willing to run in the 7 inches of snow on Friday/Saturday.  Therefore, I only ran on Sunday.  I went to Central Park to run with TNT training group.  I did not want to get up that morning, believe me!

But I did.  It was starting to rain when we began out run (I ran with the 10 min mile pace group) but it slowly got worse and worse.  I hadn’t even looked at the forecast but apparently people were told not to leave their house because freezing rain was supposed to last throughout the day.   And freezing rain it was.  We started our run at a very nice pace but by mile 2 people could barely run up the hills and slid down the hills.  We had to lower our pace significantly and even then there were quite a few slips along the way.  Another runner with TNT actually fell and hurt herself so bad that the ambulance had to come and get her.
Craziest part – there were a TON of runners in Central Park.  We are a bunch of lunatics.
Anyway – we ended up getting 6.33 miles in before cutting our loses and heading home.  Oh yea, there was also that minor detail of having to walk down ice covered marble stairs to get our bags/jackets.


Yes, we resorted to shimmying down on our butts.  Whatever works.

That subway ride home was probably the coldest subway ride ever.  After I ice skated to the bodega around the corner from my apartment (told you, reward coffee always.  even in inclement weather), I took a scalding hot shower and laid around in BLC’s sweatpants all day long.

The end.  On to week 5!

NJ Marathon Training Week 1 Update

18 Dec

First things first – Let’s recap my first week of marathon training!

Nothing crazy – getting back into training is hard.  Good thing DailyMile keeps track of it for me.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Group Training Session with Team In Training
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Icy Track Run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Long Run on the treadmill (see below)
Sunday – Rest

My first long run for marathon training was on the treadmill.

Let me preface this post with the following:  This was not my favorite run.  In fact, it was downright terrible.

But you need the bad runs to appreciate the good runs, right?

That’s what I kept telling myself anyway.

This weekend I was down in Philadelphia for a college friend’s wedding so I couldn’t meet with the Team in Training group for my first long run of marathon training.

I somehow lost my Garmin charger so I figured I would just go to the gym with my mom early on Saturday so that I could accurately measure my miles and get home before too late so that I had plenty of time to get ready for the wedding.

Plus it was cold.

weather& it was supposed to snow.

My mom and I ended up heading to the gym at 7:30 a.m. I would have much rather stayed in bed but I had a long run to complete.

I had 6-7 miles on my training schedule and had already decided that I would only be running 6.  Mainly because I can’t even remember when my last run over 5 miles was.  My best educated guess – the NYC Half Marathon…in March.  I know, I know.  What a slacker.

I got on the treadmill with my Runner’s World magazine, water bottle, IPod and IPhone.  My plan was to listen to music and watch TV for the first 1.5-2 miles, read my magazine for the next two miles and listen to my book on tape until I got to 6 miles.  I put my treadmill at a 1% incline and set the pace to 5.5. So far, so good.

It only took a few minutes for the run to head down hill (figuratively, not literally of course).

First, I really, really need new headphones.  I don’t know if I just am strange but I cannot find a pair that stays in my ears while I am running.  The standard IPhone headphones do not work for me so I brought a pair with me that goes up and around your ear thinking that they would stay on.


I was ready to throw those stupid headphones on the ground, stomp on them and sulk in the locker room until my mom was done her workout.  But I didn’t.  Instead, I MacGyvered my headphones into my ears with my headband.  I looked ridiculous but those suckers did not move for the next 6 miles.

Once that was all said and done, I started watching the news.  That helped pass the time a bit but it was rough looking at the treadmill and only seeing 1.5 miles had past.

So then I decided to try to read my magazine.  Not easy.  The magazine slipped off the treadmill no less than 3 times, I almost fell and the fan kept blowing the pages every time it oscillated.  I gave up and looked at the miles…2 miles down, 4 to go.

At that point I gave up, put on my book on tape and prayed that the run would be over soon.  At mile 4, I silently decided that I could not take it any more and I would be done at 5 miles.

I got to mile 5, lowered the mph and started walking for my cool-down.  After about 3 minutes of walking, I got mad at myself for giving up so easily and knocked out mile 6.


The treadmill at my mom’s gym starts over at 65 minutes so I had to take two photos to prove that I actually ran 6 miles.  Ha!

Overall, it was not the best run but I’m glad I didn’t cut it short.  I’m sure I will have plenty more “bad” runs before this whole marathon training thing is over but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?

First long run down!

Also, if you have any long run on the treadmill tips – send them my way!  I like the treadmill for intervals and speed work, but long, slow runs are pure torture on the dreadmill!  Would love suggestions!


The Time the Track was Frozen

13 Dec

Yesterday I had every intention of going to the gym and doing some Yasso 800′s on the treadmill.  But when work requires some longer hours…ya just have to roll with the punches.

BLC had the bright idea to run to the track so I could do some speed work there – & due to my love of the track, I could not say no.

I started my trek home around 6ish and while I was waiting for the train, I got a glimpse of the temperature.

Can you see the temperature?  Yes, not terribly cold but below freezing…so there’s that.

But to the track we went.  Because if I started bailing on runs on the first week of marathon training – there would be a problem.

So I got home around 7ish and forced BLC into his running clothes and I bundled up and we headed out into the cold, dark night (dramatic much?) for my scheduled 4 mile speed work run.

We warmed up on our jog over to the track and when we got there I was totally ready for my track workout.  Excited, stoked, all of the above.

& guess what?


The track was frozen.

Yes.  The track was covered in ice and there was no plausible way I could run on it, let alone do speed work.

Luckily, there is a path around the track that was apparently salted and had patches of ice but nothing I couldn’t run around or leap over.  So the speed work still happened…it was just much less accurate and much less easy on my legs.  Frozen ground < rubberized track.

All smiles after the cold, yet wonderful impromptu quasi track workout.

If ya’ll are interested – my speed workout was not very specific.  I did not wear a watch and it was all by feel but I warmed up with my run over to the track – and then I ran an easy loop around the track.  After my first easy loop,  I sprinted for the second loop.  Then I repeated that 4 times.  Then our jog home was our cool down.  Easy peasy.

Winter running clothes:  Warm socks, fleece-lined tights, long-sleeved compression mock turtleneck, running jacket from Target with hood and fleece headband.  Very specific.  You.are.welcome.  You are also welcome for the awkward smile selfie.

Boom, boom, boom.  Another run bites the dust.

Turn it up – Thursday Tracks 4

12 Dec

It’s Turn it up Thursday Tracks time!

Feel free to join and share your own favorite songs, whether it is giving your list in the comments or linking to a Turn It Up Thursday Track blog post of your own!  Or any other music post for that matter!  I love finding new jams :)

So for this week – five of the most beautiful songs I know for your listening pleasure!


Aqualung – Brighter Than Sunshine
This song holds a special place in my heart because it was the song that played when I walked down the aisle.  The words are really what stuck with me but song is really just soothing and wonderful in all respects.  I heard it for the first time in the Movie A lot Like Love with Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet (<– very underrated movie, if you ask me)

Sia – Breathe Me
Hauntingly beautiful.  Something about this song just gives me the chills.   I could listen to this song over and over again (and have).

Frou Frou – Let Go
This song was in my favorite movie of all time – Garden State.  The soundtrack is wonderful but this song just makes me happy.  The words are just great – I know I need to let go sometimes.  There really is beauty in the breakdown.

Hope – Who am I to Say
This song may not be the most uplifting but it is still a beautiful song.  I am a big fan of Hope and some of her other songs but the instrumental in this song is so soothing.

Butch Walker – Maybe It’s Just Me
I love Butch Walker’s voice.  This is another song from A lot Like Love – perhaps I should purchase the soundtrack?

What are some songs you just feel the need to turn up?!

An Icy Run in Central Park

11 Dec

Yesterday was my second group training session with Team in Training.

It snowed all day here in NYC.  Like big, wet snowflakes until about 2pm or so.  Then it got colder and the pretty wet snow turned to ice.

I knew that the group runs are rain or shine so I knew that I was going to attend, whether I liked it or not.

Come 5:30pm, I changed into my fleece-lined tights, two long sleeved running shirts and a windbreaker in my office and began my trek up to Central Park.  I didn’t have ear-warmers, a hat or gloves…did I mention that it was about 28 degrees out?  Obviously I need to work on being a bit more prepared.

As I was walking to the train, I almost wiped out on the ice no less than 4 times.  This was not a good sign.  Regardless, I made my way up to Central Park and met BLC outside of the park so that we could walk through together.  Little known fact – Central Park is freaking scary in the dark.

Pretty but scary.

BLC and I chatted on the way over to meet the group (mainly wondering how we were going to get a run in without slipping on the ice and breaking a leg/arm).

When we found the TNT group, there were definitely more people there than I thought there would be.  We are all a little nuts, I guess.  Some announcements were made, the workout was explained and we got to hear from a TNT alumni who has been in remission from Hodgkin’s for four years.  Even though we were all freezing and wondering what the heck we were doing in Central Park on a Tuesday night after a snow storm, being able to hear from someone who has gone through so much, and represents the type of people LLS and TNT support, really put things into perspective.

Motivation for the workout – check.

The workout was essentially a pace test to determine what pace we should be running out long runs.  Those people who already knew their pace went with the “advanced” group for a different workout.  In hindsight, I probably should have gone with the advanced group because I already have an idea of what pace I should be running but labeling myself advanced kinda freaks me out.

We started with a half mile warm-up jog to the starting point for our timing.  Once we got to the start point, we were told to run at a conversational pace for a half mile and time ourselves.  We would multiply that time by 2 and that would be our pace group.  To be honest, I feel like this was a little deceiving.  My conversational pace for a half mile is MUCH faster than my conversational pace for 10 miles.  I think that goes without saying…

My time ended up being 4:36 for the half mile for a pace of 9:12 per mile.  I will tell you right now, I will NOT be running my long runs at a 9:12 per mile pace.  Just being real.

We ended up running about 2 miles in total – I ran the second half mile with BLC and timed him.  Have I mentioned how happy I am that he has been joining me on my runs?!

Cold but smiling BLC.

After our run and pace test, one of the run coaches led a quick strength training session that included lunges, squats, planks and calf exercises.  Right after our strength training exercises, we did some stretching as a group and ended for the night.

All in all, another successful group training session with TNT NYC!  I’m super bummed that I will not be able to attend any of the group training sessions (GTS) until 2014 (<– how weird is it to say that!).

I will be at a wedding in Philadelphia this weekend and we head out to California to visit BLC’s family for the holidays so it looks like I will be running with BLC or solo for the next few weeks.  Can’t really complain because the forecast for CA looks pretty nice…


Think I can manage :)


First Team In Training Group Run

9 Dec

It has begun.

This past week was the start of my marathon training with Team In Training.

Wednesday was the orientation/kick-off event.  BLC came with me as moral support – I’m kinda introverted before I know people & BLC is kinda my security blanket.  Don’t judge.


I got to meet my mentor, my run coach, the social chair (obviously the most important introduction), a couple of the Manhattan pace leaders and another girl who will be running her first marathon, too!


I also got my Team In Training shirt!  It’s official, folks.

I spoke with my mentor about fundraising ideas prior to the start of the orientation program.  I have to say that I am a bit more nervous about the fundraising aspect than the running aspect!  But after having some conversations, I can say that my nerves are eased…at least a little.

The program was informative and motivating.  We heard from a few athletes who have been directly affected by Leukemia and Lymphoma – & their stories really got to me.  Knowing that my marathon training has a purpose makes it that much more worthwhile.  I even decided to increase my fundraising goal!

After the program, BLC and I went out for a drink with the rest of the TNT group.  It was nice to socialize and get to know some of the people that I will be seeing a lot within the next few months.  Everyone was super nice and it definitely jump-started my excitement for marathon training.

The next day, I received an email that had my NJ Marathon training schedule attached.  Freak out ensued.


Just looking on the calendar and seeing 18 mile long runs kinda made my heart stop.  I know I felt the same way about training for my first half marathon when I saw 8 mile long runs…so I guess I will be okay.  Plus, I’m excited to have a group to run with that will keep me accountable – & keep me company on the ever increasing long runs!

Saturday was my first group training session with Team In Training.  The meeting point was in Central Park so it took about 30 minutes for us to get there.  BLC came with me (he is awesome) and I made sure that we left with plenty of time to get there.  Maybe a little too much time – we arrived at 9:30am and the session wasn’t starting until 10am.  The early bird gets the worm?

We grabbed a coffee since we had so much extra time but when we arrived to meet with the group, no one had coffee – so we tossed our half full coffees.  If you know me at all, you know that throwing out coffee is blasphemous.  But I survived.


At 10am, we all huddled together and listened to some announcements.  It was pretty cold but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Luckily, there are bag watchers at every TNT group session so we could bring our coats and wear them until we started to run.

Since this was our first group session, the goal was to get to know some of the other runners, coaches, mentors and pace leaders rather than focusing on running at a certain pace or running a certain amount of miles.  We ended up running about 3 miles total but I got to chat with 3 or 4 other runners – including the only other person who is running the NJ Marathon!  It will be her first marathon, as well.  Most of the other runners are training for the NYC Half Marathon or the Nike Women’s Half Marathon so I was happy to find someone to commiserate with!


After the run we stretched as a group and chatted a little before heading home.  Everyone was heading out for a drink but BLC and I had already made some plans with our friends so we weren’t able to attend.


Definitely gonna have to get used to subway rides home after long runs!

Overall, I was really happy with how my first group training session went and am really looking forward to getting to know everyone through training.

Tomorrow will be our second group training session and will focus on determining at what pace we should be training.  I will be sure to keep you updated!


Oh, and it is supposed to snow all day tomorrow.  Eek!  Wish me luck!